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A New Form Of Heating From Germany

Powerful , Economic And No More Servicing Ever!

Are you cold in the winter, have uncontrollable heating, or just fed up with your bills? If so we could have the answer! Many hundreds of people in Scotland have now benefited from our German heating systems, simple to install, they provide a cosy powerful heat, economically.

Working with clean electric, these heaters simply plug in! They have been particularly well received over the last three years from former storage heater owners, who had become increasingly frustrated with high running costs, lack of control and often poor heat output.

Many dual meter householders are unaware that they pay an enhanced tariff for their “normal” supply (over 30% in some cases ) for the likes of cooking, television, lighting and the additional evening heating, often required when storage heaters run short on charge.

Existing LPG, oil or gas system owners could save by using just one of our heaters as a supplement to their existing system, enabling them to turn off their primary heating for a much longer period over the the spring, summer and autumn, or to resolve cold spots, they could be the answer.

Ideal with extensions or conservatories, why spend money extending an existing heating system when ours can be simply plugged in?

Available in any colour, on castors, feet or fixed to the wall and with a variety of size options these heaters could be the answer for you.

Elsco Heating are the only Scottish based specialist in this type of heating, covering all of Scotland, from Elgin & Glasgow.

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