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Daisies & Dandelions

In almost all cases, yes. It’s one of the more straightforward goals to achieve. You may have heard the expression; “weeds are just wild flowers in the wrong place”. Most gardens have lots of garden flowers for most of the year, often carefully chosen, and providing plenty colour, and scent for us to enjoy, and lots of essential pollen for the bees and other insects. Uncontrolled weeds on a lawn are generally less welcome, and not really necessary. After a few years, the lawn resembles a cabbage patch, and you don’t know where to begin!

Weeds emerge in spring, flower, then usually disperse seeds into the ground during the summer, which generally overwinter, then emerge in the spring as new weeds, and so on...To clear the lawn, you need to break the cycle, apply a weedkill in spring while the early arrivals (eg daisies and dandelions) are growing vigorously, and before they get to the seeding stage. There are late developers though, who will miss this treatment (eg clover and buttercup). So you need to apply a 2nd weedkill in early summer. If you are too late, the seed will get to ground, and be safely stored to emerge next spring as a new crop – project failed!

There are of course also, the immigrant weeds, those which blow into a garden lawn on the wind, or arrive in droppings from birds flying over. These tend to be in relatively insignificant numbers. The real weed production is from re-supply from your existing stock. All you need to do is break the cycle, and you will bankrupt the stock. We are weedkilling all our customers lawns pretty intensively for the next couple of months.

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